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作为堪城华人协会 (KCCA) 推广中华文化和走进社区系列活动之一,中西合璧艺术展:《徐红丽画展》六月三日至二十五日在充满了古色古香的维多利亚式风情的渥太华市的卡耐基文化中心举办。该展览期间进行了《中华水墨未来之星》书法、水墨画、中国传统风筝绘画学习和展示活动,吸引了许多男女老少参加,徐红丽老师亲自讲解和示范,到场者对中华传统文化的精深赞叹不已,对徐红丽为社区服务无私奉献的精神高度赞誉。

On June 3, 2016, more than 30 members of the Kansas City Chinese Association (KCCA) with some local people attended an art exhibit and cultural event located at the Carnegie Cultural Center in Ottawa, Kansas. The exhibit, entitled ‘East Meets West: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America’, was a showcase to introduce the work of artist and KCCA member HongliXu. Now living in Ottawa, Kansas, Hongli is a painter, calligrapher, and graphic designer. Her art derives influence from all three of these pursuits and was on show for the first time in this region.

The theme of the event was intended to allow the cultures of China and the United States to interlace with each other via various forms of the medium of art. The occasion offered opportunities for visual displays of many genres offering a broad appeal to all ages, tastes, and backgrounds.

In addition to the exhibit, many other activities rounded out the evening. Throughout the event, KCCA maintained a central role in its success. An Indian chief by the name of Standing Cloud auspiciously kicked off the evening with a mystical Indian blessing for the benefit of the show. After introductions, KCCA President David Cheng delivered remarks, citing how productive Hongli Xu had been as a core team member of the organization. He also presented her with an award as well as flowers. She then related her experience in developing as an artist.

Following a musical interlude featuring original pieces by Fred Williams, Dr. Kent Sieg presented upon the contributions made by Chinese Americans within the United States as well as in the state of Kansas. Another KCCA member then performed a special tea ceremony that kept the audience raptured. An opportunity to have attendees receive calligraphic representations of their names proved quite successful and in demand. Sandy Sieg, a Chinese American student at Ottawa University, performed a most wonderful ink painting inspired dance.

On June 18th, inconjunction with the Swan Arts Festival on going at that time, free classes for children in traditional Chinese arts has been given at the Carnegie Center.