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Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America

EAST MEETS WEST: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America

Announcing an upcoming art show of assured interest! "East Meets West: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America" is an exposition that introduces painter Hongli Xu. The purpose of the show is to allow the cultures of two nations with immense impact upon the world - China and the United States ¨C to interlace with each other via various forms and media of artistic expression. It will be an occasion for a visual display of many genres offering a broad appeal to all ages, tastes, and backgrounds. Works on display include oil paintings, calligraphic pieces, watercolor works, and graphic imagery. Plan to engage and stimulate your senses as the art of the Far East melds with the art of the American West in East-Central Kansas!

About the artist:
Hongli Xu is a painter, calligrapher, and graphic designer. Her art derives influence from all three of these pursuits. The artist herself followed a varied path of growth. Following graduation from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1995, Hongli Xu worked as a designer for Dongfeng Motor Group, where she created the marketing of its corporate image in many successful advertising campaigns. Subsequently, she operated her own independent advertising and marketing product design company in Shanghai. Upon moving to the United States, she undertook advanced study in visual arts at Maryland's Blue Elephant Studio. In 2014, she relocated to eastern Kansas near the Greater Kansas City area, where she continues her design activities, including work for several high-profile community events, and where she explores new creative pursuits especially influenced by Native American art.

"East Meets West: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America" will be held at the Carnegie Cultural Center, 501 S. Main St., Ottawa, KS 66067. Ottawa, only 35 minutes and an easy drive from the southern-most Kansas City suburbs, is quintessential small town America. It is a bucolic all-American city of tradition, one filled with a unique array of Victorian architecture as well as one considered as an antique capital for the region. The Carnegie Center lies in the heart of this picturesque town.

The show will run from June 3rd throug June 25th 2016. Important dates within this run to attend include the opening of the show on June 3rd, a day on which the Center will host an introductory program. On June 18th the well-known Swan Arts Festival will occur simultaneous to the art show, redoubling your reasons to visit. Also on that day, the artist will host open classes in calligraphy and painting at the Carnegie Center. But be sure not to miss the final day of the show on June 25th, which will include a day-long celebration of both Chinese and Native American cultures. The main portions of the program will commence at 1:00 p.m. on June 25th and will consist of folk pieces, Asian drummers, a Native American pow-wow, feather dancing, Chinese Lion dancing, traditional music, and more. Ethnic Chinese food will be available for purchase.

For further information, contact curator Randy Endicott at (785) 242-8478 or ndkott@aol.com.

1. Hongli Xu Painting Art Show: Program schedule for June 3rd

Musical Prelude
06:00pm-06:05pmHost IntroductionRandy Endicott
06:05pm-06:10pmDedicationChief Standing Cloud
06:10pm-06:15pmChinese visionDavid Cheng
06:15pm-06:20pmOttawaCity official
06:25pm-06:35pmArtist RemarksHongli Xu
06:35pm-07:00pmChinese ArtHongli Xu
07:00pm-07:15pmChinese in AmericaKent Sieg
07:15pm-07:30pmGroup PhotographsHongli & Ningshu
07:30pm-10:00pmCurator-led exhibitRandy Endicott
07:30pm-10:00pmFood & MusicAttendees

2. Children Chinese Art Class: Program schedule for June 18th

10:00am-06:00pmExhibit openRandy Endicott
10:00am-12:00pmCalligraphy classHongli Xu
01:30pm-05:30pmInk Painting classHongli Xu
07:00pm-09:00pmKite Painting classHongli Xu

3. KCCA and Indian Cultural Show: Program schedule for June 25th

10:00am-06:00pmExhibit openRandy Endicott
12:30pm-01:00pmChinese drumsKC Drumrollers
01:00pm-1:05pm1st half GreetingRandy Endicott
01:05pm-01:10pmDedicationChief Standing Cloud
01:10pm-01:15pmArtist RemarksHongli Xu
01:15pm-01:20pmOttawa welcomeCity official
01:20pm-01:25pmChinese associationDavid Cheng
01:25pm-01:30pmChinese art historyKent Sieg
01:35pm-01:50pmLion drum & danceKC Drumrollers
01:50pm-02:00pmTraditional musicChinese music group
02:00pm-02:05pmZang PerformanceLawrence Chinese School
02:05pm-02:10pmFan DanceElaine Zhu-Jasmine Dance
02:10pm-02:20pmFashion showLiu Na
02:20pm-02:25pmMountain danceInst. Ch. lang. & culture
02:25pm-02:30pmMongol danceLawrence Chinese School
02:30pm-02:35pmChinese songLiu Na
02:35pm-02:40pmUmbrella danceValenta & Sun - Jasmine
02:40pm-02:45pmCalligraphy danceWan-wan & Hongli Xu
02:45pm-03:00pmIndian dance & drumHaskell U., Chief SC
03:00pm-03:05pmCombined drummingAll drummers
03:05pm-03:15pmFellowship activityAttendees
03:15pm-03:30pmChildrenĄ¯s artStudents
03:30pm-05:30pmKite flying (outside)Flying Tigers
03:30pm-06:00pmMusic/gift/food salesAttendees
06:00pmClosing remarksRandy Endicott

4. KCCA Chinese Traditional Kite Festival: June 25th 3:30am to 5:30pm