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Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America


堪城华人协会(KCCA)借此为您隆重推荐艺术家徐红丽, 一位华人画家,书法家和平面设计师。她多年来在以上三个艺术领域不懈的追求,展示其特有的艺术风格和修养。继1995年从湖北美术学院毕业后,徐红丽曾担任东风汽车公司企业形象和广告策划。随后,她在上海成功的建立和经营了一自己独立的广告和营销产品设计公司。移居美国后,她曾在马里兰州的蓝象工作室进行视觉艺术深造。 2014年,她搬迁到大堪萨斯城地区,在这里继续她的设计创作活动,并研究和探讨美国原住民艺术。徐红丽女士热爱社会公益事业,积极参与社区活动,无私奉献,特别是对堪城华人协会工作和推广本地区中华文化事业做出了重要的贡献。


画展将于6月3日开幕,并持续到6月25日闭幕。在开幕式上(6月3日周五晚6点到10点),举办方将对画展做整体的介绍。 6月25日的闭幕式将是为期一整天的中国传统和美国本土文化的庆祝活动,包括民俗民风展示,印第安土著表演,中国舞狮和舞蹈表演, 现场还将出售民族特色食品供参展者品尝。

展览的具体时间和地点请见海报。欲了解更多信息,请联系卡内基文化中心馆长兰迪·恩迪科特,电话(785)242-8478 或邮箱 ndkott@aol.com 。真诚邀请并欢迎您前往光临!

Announcing an upcoming art show of assured interest! "East Meets West: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America" is an exposition that introduces painter Hongli Xu. The purpose of the show is to allow the cultures of China and the United States interlace with each other via various forms of the medium of art. It will be an occasion for a visual display of many genres offering a broad appeal to all ages, tastes, and backgrounds. Works on display include oil paintings, calligraphic pieces, watercolor works, and graphic imagery. Plan to engage your senses as theart of the Far East melds with the art of the American West in East-Central Kansas.

About the artist:
Hongli Xu is a painter, calligrapher, and graphic designer. Her art derives influence from all three of these pursuits. The artist herself followed a varied path. Following graduation from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1995, Hongli Xu worked as a designer for Dongfeng Motor Group, where she created the marketingof its corporate image in many successful advertising campaigns. Subsequently, she operated her own independent advertising and marketing product design company in Shanghai. Upon moving to the United States, she undertook advanced study in visual arts at Maryland's Blue Elephant Studio. In 2014, she relocated to the Greater Kansas City area, where she continues her design activities including for several high-profile community events and explores new creative pursuits influenced by Native American art.




"East Meets West: Artistic Crossroads of Asia and America" will be held at the Carnegie Cultural Center, 501 S. Main St., Ottawa, KS 66067. Ottawa, only 35 minutes and an easy drive from the southern Kansas City suburbs, is quintessential small town America. It is a bucolic city of tradition filled with a unique array of Victorian architecture as well as being an antique capital for the region. The Carnegie Center lies in the heart of this picturesque town.

The show will run from June 3rd through June 25th 2016. Important dates to attend include the opening of the show on June 3rd,on which the Center will host an introductory program. But be sure not to miss the final day of the show on June 25th, which will include a day-long celebration of both Chinese and Native American cultures. The program on June 25th will consist of folk pieces, Asian drumrollers, a Native American pow-wow, feather dancing, a Chinese Lion dance, ballet performances, and more. Ethnic food will be available for purchase. For more information, contact curator Randy Endicott at (785) 242-8478 or ndkott@aol.com.

When: June 3 - 25, 2016 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday
Opening: June 3rd 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Closing: June 25th 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (KCCA and Indian Cultural show begins at 1:00 pm)
Where: Carnegie Cultural Center, 501 S Main St, Ottawa, KS 66067
For more information, please contact (785) 242-8478 or ndkott@aol.com