KCCA, the Kansas City Chinese Association, former knowing as KCCNA, Kansas City Chinese Network Association, is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization whose purpose is to promote socialization, improve benefits, develop common interests, and to satisfy the needs of Kansan City area's Chinese-American community.

By organizing and providing various Chinese programs such as drum show, folk dance, lion dance, martial arts, traditional instrument performance and so on, KCCA participated numerous Kansas City cultural and educational programs, along with the spring festival and mid-moon festival KCCA annually organized as well as dragon boat festival the Society for Friendship with China annually hosts, KCCA is increasing cultural awareness and celebrating a storied heritage along the way.

KCCA works closely with other organizations such as Kansas City Park and Recreation Department, Kansas University (KU), Sister City International, the Society for Friendship with China, the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC), Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater Kansas City Area and so on as well as different performing groups such as Drum Roller, HK Chinese Folk Dance Group, Jasmine Kids Dance Group, KCCA Chinese Folk Dance Group, Master Randy Lee, Master Chun Man Sit, Shao Li Martial Arts School, USSD, Zhangli Dance School, and so on. KCCA is honored to have such close relationships in place. Through years' efforts of the committee and local Chinese community, KCCA has certain cohesion and influence in Chinese-American community both socially and economically.

The benefits that KCCA has brought to KC Chinese-American make it to be more and more important in the life of KC Chinese-American community. To further develop it, the committee of KCCA hopes that more and more volunteers will join and support it so that it can server our community better! Its development depends on each and every of you! To know more about KCCA, please go to KCCA History, Current Committee and Past Committees and KCCA events.

Looking ahead, KCCA is planning a series of activities that will continue the expansion and appreciation of cultural diversity. With all the efforts each and everyone who loves multi-cultural put down, KCCA believes Kansas City will be a better place for generations to proud with. KCCA is looking for your participation, valuable feedback, suggestions and comment. We can be reached by email at kccaboardofdirectors@gmail.com.


KCCA Board of Directors

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:
David Cheng Sunny Liu Kenny Feng Xuanhua Zhu
Board of Directors:
David Cheng, Kenny Feng, Sunny Liu, Chunming Ma, Andy Wang, Hongli Xu, Xuanhua Zhu
Operation Committee Chair: Communication Committee Chair:
Helen Xie
Zhiyun Li
Kent Sieg
Public Relations Committee Chair: Program Committee Chair:
James Dressler Xuanhua Zhu
Event Committee Chair: Marketing Committee Chair:
Hongli Xu Chunming Ma
Legal Advisor: Technology Team Lead:
Liyue Sigle Huang
Cheng "Katherine" Li
Ian Hong
Advisory Council:
  • Scott Wagner - Mayor Pro Tem of Kansas City
  • Kwan Wu - President of International Sculpture Foundation
  • Benny Lee - Chairman & CEO of the DuraComm Corporation
  • Brad Li - Senior VP of ZTE USA
  • Jason Richter - President of Smithfield Foods International Group
  • Bill Preston - Commissioner of Independence City Planning Commission